Emotions, emotions, emotions

As we prepare, there are days that we are excited and filled with anticipation for an exciting future. Then reality hits and we are anxious and stressed about the amount of work that still needs to be done. And then there is fear; fear that we haven’t saved enough money to retire early; fear about learning to drive the rig; and fear of the unknown.

There are many ups and downs on this emotional rollercoaster. Luckily Tim and I balance each other. When he studies the stock market too intensely and worries about our money, I stay calm and convince him that it will bounce back. When he worries, he suggests I work longer and we delay starting our adventure. Worry, worry, worry; sometimes it seems that is all we do. It gets depressing, especially when I think about working longer. I can’t wait to be done with that. Counting down now, 4 more months to go. I put my foot down and do not plan to work past August.

For the most part, our family and friends are supportive about our plans and excited for our future. Some are looking forward to holiday vacations and traveling to join us. Every once in a while, someone makes a negative comment about being selfish or won’t you children feel you are abandoning them. Oh well, we each need to live our own lives. The negative comments tend to bring me down but won’t change my mind. Tim doesn’t even think about that at all. His worries are more around finances.

The downsizing process brings different emotions. In many ways, it is very liberating and reduces stress. Just taking a few bags to the Thrift shop makes me smile. Progress is being made. I am not overly sentimental so it isn’t too difficult for me to purge. Tim struggles a bit more and I don’t think it is sentimental for him either. He tends to agonize about parting with things that he may need again in the future. He has quite a bit of camera equipment and tools. Those are the most challenging. He wants to focus on photography when we are traveling but knows he can’t take everything that he has. It simply won’t fit.

Luckily, we don’t stay worried or down long. We just watch a YouTube video on full time RV living and get excited all over again. I pull up campground websites and start to plan our first few months on the road. At this point, I have the first 3 months on the road somewhat planned, and we booked a RV Resort for 3 months over the winter in Florida. The ultimate plan is to follow the weather, always heading to where we can enjoy sunshine and mild temperatures. The first year will keep us on the East Coast and then we hope to head west. I end this post feeling exhilarated and filled with anticipation.