Tim's turn

Tape measures and utility knives, two tools you can never have too many of, at least that is what I thought.  As I begin, or should I say, continue to downsize my personal treasures (in other words, my junk), I realize again how much excess I have! When I was growing up, I was one of five children, living in a small apartment with our parents. We were allowed one shelf for toys; if it didn’t fit on the shelf you didn’t get to keep it, period.

Maybe it was growing up, never hungry, but economically challenged, that I developed a habit of not wanting to part with things. Never know, but I might need this, or that again. Better hang on to it. Well, moving out on my own, I had more space, and got more things. Getting married didn’t change that. My wife and I bought a large house that easily fit two apartments full of furniture.

….and, did I tell you we bought an old house! So, if you didn’t guess yet, that meant work!

Before we even moved in we had plans for a second floor laundry. The house we purchased had been converted into a two unit apartment building that we were making it back into a single family house. Buying it with a second floor kitchen, that we didn’t need, led us to think about a second floor laundry. After all the plumbing was already there. how tough could it be? I can hear you laughing! (not very nice) I did these things when I was young and dumb! I will tell you this, I have gotten older!

I knew nothing about remodeling, but I have friends that knew plenty about such things. I enlisted some help and before you knew it we had a laundry room and I had my first power tool, a Milwaukee 1/2 inch drill. I thought to myself this wasn’t that hard, watching my friend work was easier than I thought it would be.

Well as other projects came about, I became more involved. My friends had lives and projects of their own (on some I helped, with questions, lots of questions). On every new sizable remodeling project I started, I decided I should buy a new power tool. Well, move forward thirty years and let's just say I have accumulated some tools.

Downsizing these tools should be easy, some have only been gathering dust since their one time use. You do remember paragraph two, I have a hard time parting with things! I am in the gather and sort mode now, recognizing that just my tools would max out the cargo carrying capacity of our RV….and I know my wife is going to insist on bringing her hair dryer! I will let her, although I have had no use for that tool in quite a few years!

I’m not sure where I will go from here. I’m sure I will downsize as I need too; may shed a tear or two; and will probably buy a tool or two back. Ultimately we will, HOPEFULLY, be properly positioned in a few months to begin our RV journey!